Monday, November 2, 2009

November has arrived!

As I sit here looking outside at the sun slowly fading I have butterflies in my tummy! With Halloween now behind us it's time to focus on the forests! I have finally purchased my hunting license, collected all my gear (hat, vest, knife, compass etc) made sure my 20 gauge pump shot gun is clean and now I'm good and ready for tomorrow morning! The feel of the crisp fall air and the smell of the frosty ground almost makes my heart skip a beat! Though it has been a fairly mild fall there have been a handful of sizable bucks taken down with bow and on youth day.

Tomorrow morning I will get up while it is still very dark out, gather my things, have a decent breakfast, and head down the road to my dad's. We will hop in his truck and head to our highly classified favorite hunting grounds. Around 10am we will meet back at the truck for a small tailgate party where we will have some breakfast and coffee (hot cocoa for me as I'm not a coffee drinker).

With any luck at all, hopefully we will at least see some signs of deer and if I'm real lucky I'll be dragging my buck out of the woods by then. Certainly wishful thinking but when I dream, I dream big. I'm hoping my next post will contain photos of my trophy winning game! Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck! I look forward to seeing pics and reading about your hunt.


Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream
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