Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things change with time, but it has been for the better!

Well, it's been 5 freaking years since I have blogged anything.  Guess I became a little busy with school, children, work etc.  However, things have finally settled down, and I have found where I belong in this world.

I have a beautiful little family, well not so little as there are 6 (yes six) of us.  You could say we bring the party where ever we go.  But, hey we are happy and that's what counts!!

I have finally found peace of mind and heart.  I am content with my place in this world, now that I have finally found it.  My boyfriend Nick is an amazing  man, but I'll write a separate blog about him later.  :)  

I've decided to start blogging again.  I've been motivated to do so for several reasons.  The biggest reason at present is to keep my goals in sight.  I have a beautiful family and so much to live for.  I've been working hard the last year to get healthy (I've lost 100lbs in the last year), and I need to keep working towards losing about 40lbs more and to TONE this body of mine.  No, I'm not doing this for my boyfriend, as he loves me for the body I have already, I'm not doing it to fit into a certain size jeans, I'm not doing it  for any other reason other than for ME!  Yes dammit, I'm taking the selfish road on this one.  I want to be healthy, I want to feel good, look good, be active, live life to the fullest.  For me, that means being healthy and fit!

I hope I can impart some sort of motivation to some of you, if not, then perhaps some humor for you.  Life is a journey, my journey is an amazing one!

Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream
I love this place!