Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking forward to looking back on 2009

Yet another year comes to a close. Where does the time go? The first time I realized that time did actually speed by quickly was my last day of 5th grade in Mr. Ellis' class. As we awaited our report cards and the ring of the final bell of the school year to embark on a long awaited summer vacation, I stood in complete amazement for a moment in time and actually realized that the school year had sped by. I'm not sure what brought that realization on at what to me seems to be an early age to actually recognize that but just the same it happened. Now the months go by like weeks and weeks like days and before we know it Christmas is behind us, some of us are still cleaning up debris from the occasion, we are complaining about the cold and realizing that yet another year has come and gone.

This year has been one of significant changes for me. A roller coaster of a ride for sure. There have been high points, low points, challenges, memorable moments and certainly moments I never want to remember. What I have learned first hand is that what doesn't kill you truly makes you stronger!

Now on the brink of 2010 I look ahead with great excitement. Going back to college as a single mother of two will present challenges of it's own, but I'm confident that with good planning and maybe a little bit of luck this will be one of the most successful years ever. However busy I get I will still be making plenty of time to get outdoors both on my own and with my two children. It has been my experience that Mother Nature is both healing and nurturing, two things everyone of all ages can use at any point in their life. So as I look forward to looking back on 2009 I am also welcoming 2010 with great anticipation and eagerness.

Classes start January 11th so I'll certainly be sneaking in some ice fishing time in the next two weeks. So long as the cold snap continues there will be lots of ice building on the lakes and it will be at a thickness desirable for safe ice fishing.

Happy New Year to all! May the new year bring big fish, a sizable buck, maybe even a moose and the pictures to prove your fishing/hunting tales.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It's that time of year again. The first snow storm of the season. I was dressed down in my official George Costanza get up, complete with jogging pants, cotton shirt (that had a bleach stain on it) my Bean boots only partially laced up, pom pom hat and my daughters pink mittens. What a scene! I didn't realize how ill prepared I was for this storm. Food and water wise we were golden, however when I went to search for mittens...oopsie. None! Thankfully the girls have several pairs and this one particular pair were a tad bit too big for Haley so sure enough, they did the trick for me.

Mind you I actually enjoy shoveling snow. However, we were starting to get 'wet' snow which means it was getting heavy and the forecast was predicting it to turn to freezing rain. So, I thought I had best get my booty out there before it got too difficult to shovel. My obliques certainly felt the burn. Shoveling snow is always a satisfying work out for me. One because it does get your heart going and two you can see what you have accomplished when you are done!

As you can see from the picture, I certainly did have my work cut out for me. Between playing with the dog, running in and checking on the kids and actually shoveling it only took me about an hour total. Nothing to write home about really but like I said, it was the first storm of the year so I have a while to build up to record timing.

A few things to keep in mind when shoveling:
1. Bend your legs, not at your waist. This puts less pressure on your back so as to avoid back injuries.
2. Dress warm, wear cottons so that the materials draw the moisture away from your body.
3. Hydrate frequently.

Happy digging out!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skunked...and it really does stink!

Another year of 'Deer' season has come and gone and other than a pile of hunting clothes needing to be laundered and a gun cabinet full of rifles, shot guns and hand guns needing to be cleaned I have nothing to show for my efforts. I will say despite ending the season empty handed I do enjoy just being out doors. Heading to the woods or Deer Camp with friends and family is certainly a highlight in the year for me.

My southern Maine excursion last weekend was great! Over slept, locked ourselves out of camp and even had to haul a guys truck out of a slippery predicament. Sounds bad but I actually had a blast! Alarm was set for 4:30 a.m. last day of hunting season..woke up and it was pouring out. General consensus of course (after having a mere two hours of sleep and seeing the down pour) was to go back to bed for a while! After sleeping several more hours we got up around 8:30am and although still drizzling we decided to grab our gear and head out to Josh's Deer Camp and hunt out behind there for the remainder of the day. Made sense considering we were going to stay the night out there anyways. As we were leaving I decided to grab my sunglasses on a whim hoping I might get to use them at some point (even though the sun was behind clouds at the time). After about half an hour it stopped raining and the sun came out. Wish I could say it was an educated guess that I would need them or even a chance that the weather forecast had predicted sun. However, it was mere dumb luck. Just the same it definitely lifted our spirits to see the sun come out and know we weren't going to get completely drenched for the afternoon hunt.

Deer camp was exactly as I had expected. A nice yet simple camp off a 4-wheeler trail surrounded by pines, maples and oaks. The smell of the wet leaves, damp pine needles and the smoke from a fire started in the wood stove has me settling in quite nicely. Truck is unloaded and we are dressed in our hunter orange, guns in hand and head out the door. After checking my compass we head off down the trail. Several logging roads on each side of the trail go off in many directions. The one I head down has a small tree rubbed to a toothpick so this is very promising! Josh tells me 'Just down this trail a little ways there is a little brook and just past that is a nice place to sit where you can see in either direction for quite a ways.' Sounds good to me! With the sun beating on my cheeks and the cool air swirling around me I'm off and plan to meet back up in an hour and a half or so. I take a quick glance at the sun because I don't have a watch with me. I know, I know...this sounds ridiculous but I'm actually a pretty good judge of telling approximately what time it is by the amount of daylight and the positioning of the sun. Now I come across this 'brook' which is more like a frickin' raging river. Seriously, I could have taken a bath or gone for a swim it was so deep and moving quickly. Opting not to risk dropping my gun (actually my dad's gun) in this 'brook' I walk down stream a little ways and find a few suitable stepping stones and make my way across. I took my time walking the trail. I'm not one who can sit for very long as I get too fidgety. However, not wanting to deviate too far from where my hunting partner was expecting me to be I decided to climb part of a steep hill to a ridge that ran along half way up. This way I could see if he was coming to look for me or not. I actually did manage to sit for about an hour. The wind was extremely strong and with branches falling and leaves swirling like mini tornadoes I figured it was about time to head back. About half way back I met up with Josh who had explained one of his buddies, Matt, had come down with his 2 wheel drive and will probably need help getting out later. No worries, still several hours of hunting first.

Matt found a great spot to camp out for the remainder of day light. Surrounded by rubs and scrapes not too far from the ridge where I was sitting Matt set up his blind and hunkered down for the rest of the afternoon. Again, taking direction from my hunting partner I start down yet another logging road. Taking my time and finding a nice pine tree to sit down and lean against I took in all the nature surrounding me. I watched a rabbit hop by (poor things stand out like sore thumbs right now), listened to the wood pecker a few trees over and watching the chipmunks gathering food combined with all the smells the forest has to offer I was very content. After about 40 minutes it was time to meet up with Josh again. Still quiet in the woods. No shots fired and there was only about an hour and a half left of day light. The probability of knocking down a deer during 'regular' hunting season was dwindling and fast. We made our way back to camp to stoke the stove and regroup. Starting back out we went in the opposite direction to find a good place to sit before the sun set. The wind seemed to have picked up even more and as the sun quickly faded so did this years hunting season for me.

Not all was lost. As I stated in the outset, just being in the woods enjoying nature is quite satisfying for me. Mind you, I was still somewhat disappointed but not nearly as disappointed as my hunting buddy. He had spent all week hunting (various locations) and came up empty handed. Of course this week is black powder and being the die hard hunter he is, he's out there
again this week with his muzzle loader. After talking with many of my friends and acquaintances we are part of a very large 'club' this year. Many hunters came up empty handed. Some are heading out with their muzzle loaders like Josh. I hope for his sanity (and maybe even a little bit of his pride) :) He is able to tag out this hunting season.

Next on my agenda is to do a little rabbit hunting. I want to take up duck hunting next year and want to warm my Labrador Retriever, Scout, up to the sound of the shot gun. While we are waiting for the lakes to freeze over for ice fishing, Scout and I will make our way though some woods to do a little dog training and snag a hare or two for my Grandma to make Wabbit-Stew.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last chance this weekend

It is so hard to believe that it's nearly December 1st and I have been puttering around my house both inside and out and it's still warm enough to wear one layer of clothing and maintain warmth! I am one of those 'freaks' that actually enjoy the snow but I'm not rushing things...I know it will be here sooner or later. The white stuff after all WILL fly.

Actually, there is a chance it may fly this Saturday which brings me to my latest plans! Tomorrow after work I will launch my weekend excursion to southern Maine for my last hunt of the season. With my pack basket already stuffed to the top and my Browning .358 lever action rifle sited in, I will hit the highway at approximately 5:30pm tomorrow to meet up with a friend in Waterville. Discussions this week have of course surrounded our plans for Saturday as to where we will 'tag out' for the season. I won't reveal exact locations until after the hunt and hopefully will also be able to include a play by play action of how we dropped the four legged herbivore.

Above is a picture of the 10 point buck I got a few years back with a Browning .20 gauge pump shotgun. Below is a picture of
the .358 I will be using for this hunt. Wish us luck!

Thankful on Thanksgiving

As I go about my day to day activities today I have certainly taken many moments to reflect on how thankful I am this Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful every day for various things but this week has especially been one of many thanks and appreciation.

Firstly thankful for my wonderful, supportive family and then of course my friends and co-workers. Collectively you have all been 'family' to myself and my two children. I hope that in some small way I have been able to positively touch each and every one of you they way you have me. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkey dinners and make the most of what is left of the day with your family and friends.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

So close...and yet no shots fired.

Already well into hunting season and the weather is STILL incredibly mild! Fabulous for the oil tanks, not so great for hunting. Deer aren't moving as much as they would if it were cooler. However we do have a plus and that is hormones are raging (the deer I mean)! lol Thankfully for us hunters that have to get out hunting in their 'spare' time between work and family responsibilities we still stand a chance thanks to go ol' male seeks female hormones. I have several friends that have tagged out so far this season. Many of you, like me still have not.

The other day my dad, JJ and Butch Hanson went to a few spots to hunt. In the morning my dad sent me on a wild goose chase. Looked at the map and he said, 'You go down here and after about 3/10 of a mile you'll come to a bog (which was clearly marked on the map) and see what is going on down there.' Like the eager to please daughter than I am I was like some Looney Tune character going 'Yup, yup, yup, sure thing, you got it pa!' Now, after looking at the map for a moment, setting my compass off I go. The trail or what there was for a trail was thick with raspberry bushes so very difficult to stay quiet. I came to the edge of what seemed to be 'the bog.' However, no clearing as marked on the map. Hmmm...interesting so I keep on walking...now through a bog up and down over fallen trees, balancing my way through wet moss and rotten, hallowed out stumps. After about 40 minutes of this it dawned on me! 'How old is that friggin' map!?' I thought to myself. I'm searching for a bog in a clearing but maybe it's no longer a clearing! So now after letting every animal in the woods for about a 3 mile radius know of my presence from the lack in ability to stay quiet through the muck, raspberry bushes etc I turn around and head back. As I reach the end of the bog I see my dad standing there with a look of excitement! He had been calling back and forth to a buck but seemed as though it flanked him. While he stands there excited it soon diminishes as he see's me emerge from the 'clear bog' with a less than happy face. He says, 'Did you find it?' I'm like 'Yeah, you are looking at it, no clearing!' He has a somewhat perplexed look in his face. As we quietly (as possible that is) make our way back up to our meeting spot we arrive to find our other two hunting partners waiting for us. I immediately went over to the truck and grabbed the map. UHHAH! I said, 'Dad, do you have any idea how old this map is?' 'Nope' was his calm, what are you getting at reply. Ready for this? The map was 21 years old! So, 21 years ago there was probably a clearing...not anymore. Life's lesson #115,658 learned the hard way. Check the DATE of a map before you go looking for a clearing.

We had a little snack and packed up our gear and decided to try out another spot down the road. Upon arrival of our second location my spirits had lifted as I see the numerous old logging trails that I enjoy walking down. After making arrangements for a meeting time back at 'base' (the trucks) I head off on my own. This time a much easier walk and I actually feel like I'm hunting for an animal and not a location on a map. I'm seeing lots of deer sign which has me even more excited. I begin to approach a meadow and stick to the right had side of the woods. Stopping to see if I can see or hear anything. Bingo! I hear something walking around. At first I thought maybe it's birds or a mouse running around on the crisp fallen leaves...nope! It is definitely the sound of a four-legged creature! My heart is pounding and my breathing slowed to almost holding my breath. I wait and listen. I can hear what I'm positive was a deer probably standing about 10' from me! But the brush was so thick I could not actually SEE what exactly was breathing close to me. I do not have a doe permit but this is not what held me back from firing. Truth is I happen to be a very responsible hunter and my father drilled it my head from the first time I accompanied him in the woods, 'Do not shoot at something if you are not 100% of what you are shooting at.' So as luck would have it, after a few minutes the animal got a good whiff of me and took off in the opposite direction. As it took off of course I took a few giant steps into the meadow to see if I could see through a part of woods not as thick. No luck. Although somewhat disappointed I wasn't dragging my deer out to the meeting point I was happy to know I did come close.

Lunch time in my hunting world means tailgate party. We pulled out the Coleman stove and had coffee, hot chocolate, chili, homemade rolls, and chocolate chip cookies. We took a few minutes and swapped some hunting stories, where we think we should hunt next etc and packed down the food. After clean up we also drove to another location and hunted for a few more hours. We came out empty handed this time but certainly enjoyed the day. I always try to think of something positive out of every experience and this time it's the fact that hunting season is not over yet!

Monday, November 2, 2009

November has arrived!

As I sit here looking outside at the sun slowly fading I have butterflies in my tummy! With Halloween now behind us it's time to focus on the forests! I have finally purchased my hunting license, collected all my gear (hat, vest, knife, compass etc) made sure my 20 gauge pump shot gun is clean and now I'm good and ready for tomorrow morning! The feel of the crisp fall air and the smell of the frosty ground almost makes my heart skip a beat! Though it has been a fairly mild fall there have been a handful of sizable bucks taken down with bow and on youth day.

Tomorrow morning I will get up while it is still very dark out, gather my things, have a decent breakfast, and head down the road to my dad's. We will hop in his truck and head to our highly classified favorite hunting grounds. Around 10am we will meet back at the truck for a small tailgate party where we will have some breakfast and coffee (hot cocoa for me as I'm not a coffee drinker).

With any luck at all, hopefully we will at least see some signs of deer and if I'm real lucky I'll be dragging my buck out of the woods by then. Certainly wishful thinking but when I dream, I dream big. I'm hoping my next post will contain photos of my trophy winning game! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A girl and her dog

I think my picture posted on this blog is self explanatory. Our dog Scout is not just a pet but a family member. I sometimes think she should be used as one of those therapy dogs that go into Senior homes and Children's hospitals. She is the best dog we have ever had. Granted her hearing is 'selective' at times however temperamentally with two small children she is nothing short of a miracle.

We have worked with Scout so that she is an obedient dog however a lot of how she behaves is just her personality, laid back and loves kids! The girls have done everything from dress Scout up with clothes and jewelry to painting her toe nails! Our Scout is a girlie girl. She sits so patiently while the girls do as they please. Yet Scout although not aggressive, will stand her ground when a stranger comes to the door.

When we purchased Scout from a private yet professional breeder a lot of my friends and family thought I had to be out of my mind to get a puppy while raising two small children. 'Wait till they are a little older to help look after her.' I was told by many. However my heart was set and I knew in my mind that I could train a puppy along with raising two little girls. Voila, I have done it. The girls are happy, healthy and growing stronger every day and we have the puppy of our dreams. Of course I'm not taking all the credit. I have had help along with way with various aspects of course but by in large most of the work was done by myself and I'm quite proud at how it's all turned out. Good thing we were designed so that we could neither pat ourselves on the back or kick ourselves in the butt.

Scout has been a remarkable 'friend' to my children as well. When Haley is off to school Scout becomes Sydney's playmate. They actually play for hours together! It's a remarkable sight really. Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside how animals and children can bond the way they do.

I highly recommend to anyone with young children to get a pooch. Do your homework though. Not all dogs are suitable to each families needs and wants. Owning a pet is serious business and a lot of hard work so definitely not something to jump into spur of the moment. It takes a lot of commitment, time and money to properly train your dog, educate yourself and keep your dog healthy with regular check ups at the vet. If you do not want to be vulnerable prey to 'spur of the moment' stay out of pet stores. Shop around in the Uncle Henry's, newspapers and word of mouth for a reputable breeder and interview them! Write down a list of questions for them and don't be shy to ask! Remember, you are bringing this animal into your home to be part of your family. You want to make sure not only you but the dog will be happy for the rest of it's life and that not only does the dog fulfill your needs but you its' needs. Questions about breeds? Internet, veterinarian, people that already own the type of breed you are interested in. There is oodles of information out there, and free at that. So do your homework and you too will find and own a happy, healthy, furry family member.

A time to be thankful

It's not quite Thanksgiving yet but the leaves are changing, the temperatures are cooling and it's starting to feel like the Thanksgiving season.
I have many reasons to be thankful everyday.

As most of my friends and family know the past several months have been extremely difficult for me.
There have been days when I wonder if I can take another step forward and then some one gives me that helping hand, kind word or heart warming deed. Whether it be a family member, friend or co-worker. For all of you I am thankful. Each and everyone one of you know I am talking about you. So many of you have listened to my 'saga' each day and many of you have just stood there and offered me a Kleenex to wipe the tears away. Some of you have helped Sydney and I out with moving into our new house and I can't tell you how much we appreciate that. Especially all the little 'chores' that have had to be done. I am so appreciate to all of you and words simply cannot express how grateful I am.

There are times that I think all of us are overly critical not only of each other but the human race in general. There truly are kind people out there, people that really care. Sometimes we just don't know who they are until we need to lean on them. To all of you who have 'been there' in whatever way, on behalf of my two girls and I we say 'Thank you!'

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let Children be Children

Summer 2009 has come and gone. All two weeks of it! Does anyone else feel like they blinked and missed it? Let's hope we have an "Indian Summer" this year so we don't feel entirely robbed.

My post today is about children and letting them explore their interests. After having my own children I have become increasingly aware of the need for children to have the chance to explore every aspect of life possible. This is not to say they should be allowed to explore harmful things. Rather, the fun, exciting and wholesome things in life.

Several months ago I purchased a nice and somewhat expensive digital camera. Most adults would say that children should not handle it due to its cost and the high probability that a child will mishandle it and damage it in some way. This 'idea' to me is wrong. Yes there is definitely a greater chance that a child will damage something, however does this mean they should not be given the opportunity to LEARN how to handle more expensive things properly so they have the chance to explore and learn? Here is where the problem is. Parents and adults alike have become increasingly lazy yes, l-a-z-y over the years. As adults we not only should but are obligated to teach our children everything from speaking their first word to the challenges in life that lay in wait as they reach and surpass adolescence. Children are all too often underestimated. They are like sponges and soak up everything...the good and the bad!

The picture in this post is my eldest daughter who is 5 years old successfully operating my digital camera. She used it most of the day without incident. Why? Because her dad took the time to show her how it worked and how important it was to be careful because it can easily break. We need to stop and ask ourselves, 'Do I really own something so valuable that I cannot share it with my child once shown the importance of being responsible with it?' Really, is not our child/children our most valuable treasure? Let's get our priorities straight and encourage our children to explore their interests. You never know, maybe Haley will become a professional photographer. Maybe not. Either way, she is given the chance to explore and learn at an early age. In addition to learning responsibility in a world where even many adults do not know the meaning of the word let alone put it into practice.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Humanity

I think most of us in life have tried to do something nice for someone else at one time or another. I know I am one of those types of people that gets great joy in doing a good deed or saying a kind word. Has anyone else had it backfire on them?

To my surprise that is just what happened to me today. I saw an old friend the other day and thought that she looked so down and out...plain ol' depressed! I thought to myself 'you know you should do something for her.' After several days of thought I came up with the idea that I would buy the ingredients for a nice dinner and go to her house and prepare the meal and enjoy it with her. To my dismay I was so disappointed to find out that she thought I had alterior motives! Quite upsetting really.

Why are people so skeptical of someone trying to reach out to them? Is it because we have just become so hardened to the 'me first' society that we just assume everyone is out to get something only for themselves? Is it our prior experiences that has made mankind so unsure of a kind deed or being taken advantage of or perhaps that is the way we ourselves are that makes us that way? My conclusion is that it's likely a combination of both.

But what I want to say to anyone that reads this is: Pay it forward! If someone makes a kind gesture, just accept it for what it is and pay it forward. Seize the opportunity and let someone show kindness to you and gratefully accept it. Then take that kindness and make the opportunity for you to share it with someone else! It's the little things in life that make a big difference.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Man's (or Woman's) best friend

Today my father and I got a chance to enjoy the great outdoors once again. We set off for Big Lake in Grand Lake Stream. At the last minute I decided to take my Labrador Retriever Scout.

Scout is 5 months old and a beloved family member and future hunting dog. Scout loves children and like her breed, loves the water as well. As we were launching the Rangely Laker into the water Andrew was throwing a stick in the lake for Scout and she faithfully retrieved it each time and dropped it at his feet for more.

Next came the moment of truth. As I expected, Scout got in the boat and sat there like a hunting pro. Alert and attentive for the first 30 minutes she eventually decided to soak up the sun at the bottom of the boat where she spent most of the afternoon sleeping and occassionally waking up to check out the bass and yellow perch we were catching. I was quite happy to confirm my original thoughts that she would be a great dog in the boat. Scout is a great dog anyways!

We continue to work on several different commands. Next I will be purchasing a book to teach her (and myself) the various commands and techniques of hunting with a Champion pooch like our Scout.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tis the Season...for Family Reunions!

Summer at last...well for a few days here and there at least. I have to say this has been the wettest summer I have ever lived through. Thankfully we have had a few good weekends thus far.
Last weekend we had a family reunion for my mother-in-laws side of the family. Held at the 'Family' cottage in Bass River, NS on the Bay of Fundy. Thankfully the weather held up perfectly! Kids went clam diggin' when the tide went out and we all went swimming when it came back in. The ocean water was surprisingly warm considering the low temperatures we have had this summer. After a long swim tummy's were rumbling so it was time to BBQ. Each family had a little something different but for the most part chicken and steaks were had with a variety of different veggies and carbs to accompany the protein.
As the evening progressed it was time to start setting up for the bonfire and fireworks! The kids were all looking forward to that of course. Several of the 'bigger' kids along with a few adults went down and prepared the wood for the fire while the rest of us dressed in some warmer clothes so we could relax on a moonlit beach. Marshmallows and 'Spiders' made from hot dogs were cooked and enjoyed by all. Finally the much anticipated fireworks began. It was quite a light show considering they were just a few packages purchased from a local convenience store.
Finally it was bed time....at least for the kids. Belly's were popping out from eating so many marshmallows and eyes were getting heavy as it was way past their bed time. Now, prior to our trip up I had purchased a 6-man tent and two air mattresses that had to have been 2' feet high. My girls slept in one 'head to toe'. They slept well as a matter of fact! After a few beers and some story telling from those that were still up I finally decided I had better hit the sack. The kids would be up early for sure. Ok, so here is where it gets a little interesting. Remember that air mattress I bought? Great for the kids....not so great for two adults! The next morning my left shoulder was in excruciating pain from clinging to the side of the air mattress so I didn't fall off. Moral of the story...a third air mattress is being purchased for the next camping trip!
All things considered, it was a really great time.
Next reunion...my family. The Turmenne Family. I'm sure there will be something of interest to post from that!!

Most of the 'Matthews' family in this photo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fishing at Big Lake

After a very busy Independence Day weekend it's sort of nice to be back in 'the swing of things' so to speak. The weather hasn't changed; still overcast with a tease of sun now and then. When will the good weather start rolling in? A very popular question right now. On Saturday July 4th my dad and I took the boat out and went fishing in Big Lake. Amazingly, the rain held off the whole day. We stopped in Princeton and bought two dozen night crawlers 'just in case.' Once the boat was loaded with our gear we set out to catch some live bait. Chubs! First spot was a dud. We spend about 20 minutes at our first location casting and not even a nibble. So we pulled up the anchor and motored over to another location near Dinner Island. BINGO! We were catching Chubs left, right and center. Just over a dozen were caught and we decided we had enough to keep us busy so we again pulled up the anchor and motored over to another location not far from Red Beach in Big Lake. First cast and both my dad and I had Bass on! All in all we caught nine Bass, one Cat Fish, numerous amounts of Yellow Perch and one Pickeral! Not too shabby at all!

Friday, June 26, 2009

State of Maine Fisheries and Game Warden

For a large part of my life I always dreamed of being a State of Maine Fisheries and Game Warden. Honestly, I had never put much effort into researching the requirements to see if I would qualify at some point in my life. I always felt that as a young woman it would just be something out of reach. However, the past few days I have dove in head first and chatting with various individuals with the Maine Warden Service, Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: http://www.maine.gov/ifw/index.shtml. All of whom have been extremely helpful. I have come to the conclusion that this is definitely something I am going to pursue! My next step is to schedule my ALERT and PT test with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A First Look

So I have finally done it! I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now and thought that perhaps I wouldn't have anything to write about. Boy was I wrong! I hope you find this blog interesting and likely at times humerous. I welcome any comments you may have.

Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream
I love this place!