Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dreaming of the open water

As I was sitting at my desk typing away doing homework I looked over at my furry companion and noticed her all snuggled up to her teddy bear. Our beloved dog Scout acts much like 'one of the kids' on so many levels, this time off in dream land curled up to her teddy. Was she dreaming and if so what of? Well if her mind was wandering like mine has been the past couple of weeks she is dreaming of the open water, warm summer days, camp fires, fishing and hiking...with no black flies or mosquitoes of course!

Today is apparently going to be a record high in the mid to high 50's. Not too shabby for mid March! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's soon to come posts of their first fishing, camping and/or canoe/kayaking trips of the season! Tight lines to everyone!

Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream
I love this place!