Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A girl and her dog

I think my picture posted on this blog is self explanatory. Our dog Scout is not just a pet but a family member. I sometimes think she should be used as one of those therapy dogs that go into Senior homes and Children's hospitals. She is the best dog we have ever had. Granted her hearing is 'selective' at times however temperamentally with two small children she is nothing short of a miracle.

We have worked with Scout so that she is an obedient dog however a lot of how she behaves is just her personality, laid back and loves kids! The girls have done everything from dress Scout up with clothes and jewelry to painting her toe nails! Our Scout is a girlie girl. She sits so patiently while the girls do as they please. Yet Scout although not aggressive, will stand her ground when a stranger comes to the door.

When we purchased Scout from a private yet professional breeder a lot of my friends and family thought I had to be out of my mind to get a puppy while raising two small children. 'Wait till they are a little older to help look after her.' I was told by many. However my heart was set and I knew in my mind that I could train a puppy along with raising two little girls. Voila, I have done it. The girls are happy, healthy and growing stronger every day and we have the puppy of our dreams. Of course I'm not taking all the credit. I have had help along with way with various aspects of course but by in large most of the work was done by myself and I'm quite proud at how it's all turned out. Good thing we were designed so that we could neither pat ourselves on the back or kick ourselves in the butt.

Scout has been a remarkable 'friend' to my children as well. When Haley is off to school Scout becomes Sydney's playmate. They actually play for hours together! It's a remarkable sight really. Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside how animals and children can bond the way they do.

I highly recommend to anyone with young children to get a pooch. Do your homework though. Not all dogs are suitable to each families needs and wants. Owning a pet is serious business and a lot of hard work so definitely not something to jump into spur of the moment. It takes a lot of commitment, time and money to properly train your dog, educate yourself and keep your dog healthy with regular check ups at the vet. If you do not want to be vulnerable prey to 'spur of the moment' stay out of pet stores. Shop around in the Uncle Henry's, newspapers and word of mouth for a reputable breeder and interview them! Write down a list of questions for them and don't be shy to ask! Remember, you are bringing this animal into your home to be part of your family. You want to make sure not only you but the dog will be happy for the rest of it's life and that not only does the dog fulfill your needs but you its' needs. Questions about breeds? Internet, veterinarian, people that already own the type of breed you are interested in. There is oodles of information out there, and free at that. So do your homework and you too will find and own a happy, healthy, furry family member.


Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream
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