Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting fishy!

As the winter trudges along we continue our day to day activities of working for a living, taking care of our families and getting out in the great outdoors every chance we get.

Many people that do not have a true appreciation for Maine's winter and the sports that accompany it simply cannot comprehend ice fishing, snowmobiling and other like activities. I spoke at great length today with a friend of mine and she absolutely cannot grasp how anyone could enjoy getting up at 5am to go outside when it's about 20 degrees Fahrenheit plus a windchill and stand there for about eight hours or so to fish. I have to say it was actually a difficult stand to defend. In the end we concluded that it's simply something you love to do or love to hate.

This weekend's ice fishing activities were yet again successful. Although the flags were slow in coming we were smiling ear to ear when we rode off the lake. A rather large pickerel (we didn't bother to measure as it got tossed back down the hole) and three salmon. 14, 16 and 17.5" salmon! I thought for sure I was going to get skunked this weekend. Had several flags over the course of the day but nothing to pull up onto the dry side of the ice. As we were starting to pick up our gear I got two more flags. One turned out a dud, nothing was happening when I got to my tip up. However, when I got to the second flag the spool was whirling out fast. Finally brought up the largest catch of the day. Honestly, at that point I would have settled for a tiny pickerel or something just to say I didn't get skunked but I was pleasantly surprised.

It was exceptionaly cold on Saturday. Although the sun was shining and the skies were a beautiful blue and not a cloud in the sky, the temperatures were frigged and the wind howled on the open lake. Appropriate attire was a must in order to maintain the enjoyment throughout the day. Sonny, my fire starting, hole drilling, sled starting, wood collecting, guardian ensured my warmth by keeping the fire raging and for that I am very grateful!
We cooked hot dogs and spicy sausage on the open fire. There's something to be said about that smoked taste on a fire like that. The taste certainly cannot be replicated in any other fashion. We also enjoyed our sandwiches and hot cocoa. The hot chocolate is a bit of a tradition for me. Not that there wasn't plenty of other beverages to partake of but the feeling of the warm liquid going down the hatch on such a cold day always warms in insides for just a little bit longer. Seems to make the cold that much more tolerable. It's just a mental thing I know but it helps.
So all and all we enjoyed another great weekend of sledding and ice fishing and I'm looking forward to being able to hit East/West Grand in February. Make the most of the season and enjoy the winter sports while you can!


  1. To catch salmon while ice fishing...sometimes I wonder why I still live in Iowa. Salmon is my favorite food and I'm miles upon miles from wild ones.

    That's a chocolate lab, isn't it? Got me one too. Thanks for sharing your day out. It's inspiring me to get off my duff and get outside again.

  2. WO-Yes, Scout is a choc lab and is 11 months old. Best dog I've ever owned. Get out side while there is still some winter left!


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