Monday, August 3, 2009

Man's (or Woman's) best friend

Today my father and I got a chance to enjoy the great outdoors once again. We set off for Big Lake in Grand Lake Stream. At the last minute I decided to take my Labrador Retriever Scout.

Scout is 5 months old and a beloved family member and future hunting dog. Scout loves children and like her breed, loves the water as well. As we were launching the Rangely Laker into the water Andrew was throwing a stick in the lake for Scout and she faithfully retrieved it each time and dropped it at his feet for more.

Next came the moment of truth. As I expected, Scout got in the boat and sat there like a hunting pro. Alert and attentive for the first 30 minutes she eventually decided to soak up the sun at the bottom of the boat where she spent most of the afternoon sleeping and occassionally waking up to check out the bass and yellow perch we were catching. I was quite happy to confirm my original thoughts that she would be a great dog in the boat. Scout is a great dog anyways!

We continue to work on several different commands. Next I will be purchasing a book to teach her (and myself) the various commands and techniques of hunting with a Champion pooch like our Scout.

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Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream
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